Friday, July 3, 2009


so lately... we have been planning the wedding! and everything is just about ready to go.. just the litte things left!! its been stressful and only gettting more and more stressful as days go by. . but... it will get better!! we are down to 2 weeks from today!! we are sooo extremely excited!! we have a basement apartment in idaho falls by the river! its a pretty good location! and its just that much more incentive to get out and either run or walk because we are so close to the green belt!! its great! and we are close to the temple so we can attend that pretty often!! its going to be great!! We finally got the announcements in the mail last night.. and that is such a relief!! We just wanted to thank all those who have been supported and offered their help and love to us all!! we really appreciate it!! We hope to see lots of you there in 2 weeks at the reception!! its in my neighbors back yard.. so pretty much just right behind my house from 6 to 8:30!! so your all invited!! We cant wait for 2 weeks. its such a great feeling to know that we're going to be sealed for time and all eternity to the love of our life!!