Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Trip!!! - (But not for me)

OK.. So.. Skylar is leaving for the Oil Rigs. He will be in Wyoming for 2 weeks for training, then be home for a week. Then... he will be headed to Texas for the real deal. It will be 2 weeks at work, 1 week at home type of deal!! I think I'm going to go crazy!!! This is going to be very hard. I look up to you army wives that put up with it more than two weeks, and on top of that without seeing them for much longer. You guys are great, and I hope I can be as strong as you guys.! I will just have to keep myself busy while he's gone, and try to make time go by fast. So if you have any ideas for making time fly, or ideas for keeping busy... I'm open to suggestions!!! :)
As for me, I'm still working full time. I start school in June! And I cannot wait! (also, I'm hoping it will keep my preoccupied so I'm not thinking about Skylar coming home) I'm so excited to start my career and begin fulfilling my dream! Thats about all the updates for now! Hopefully I'll have something more exciting next time I post!