Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tis the Season!

So, this is my probably my favorite season. It gives me time to reflect on the things I am grateful for and spend lots of time with family. And on top of that, I love the snow!! (minus the bad roads.)
So here is a list of the things I am most grateful for...!

#1-My Husband -- Skylar is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad that we met in the 7th grade, and remained friends all thru high school. I am so glad that I am his wife for time and all eternity, and I am excited to raise a family with him in the future. He is my best friend and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm glad he is willing to do what it takes to support us while I go to school, and make it so we can live a happy life. Even though he won't read this.... I love you Skylar and thank you for being the best husband ever and for all you do for me! You mean the world to me!!

#2-The Gospel -- I have never been as grateful as I should be for the gospel. Growing up it was just one of those things I did because I was raised that way. It became "The Routine...". I went because my family went. I went to seminary because my parents wanted me to, and because I needed to, but did I really understand why I went?? No
. It wasn't until after high school, and after I got back from New York did I start to fully understand the meaning of the Gospel. And now that I have gone through the temple, and been sealed, I am starting to see a bigger picture than just going through the motions. I am gaining a better Testimony, and beginning to understand things a whole lot better. I miss going to seminary and learning the lessons that our teachers taught soo well and on our level.  I look back, and seminary was one of those things that just "keeps ya goin". I'm glad my attitude has changed and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the Church.

#3- Family -- How I love my family. I would have never said that a few years ago. For a long time me and my parents clashed alot. We didn't ever get along, and I thought they didn't know anything. Alot of that was my attitude towards life, and it was the "I'll do what I want" attitude. And it got me no where. It took alot to regain the trust and to build our relationships. Lots of fights, tears, conversations, and advice got me to where I am today. There are things that my parents did that I hated them for, but I look back now and thank them for what they did. They are the best parents in the world, and I love them to death. Also, how can I forget my siblings?? I have the best big sister, younger brother, and younger sister in the world. They are so awesome, and I love each one of them! Thanks family for being the best! And I can't forget the in-laws. I appreciate their support and love! I'm lucky to have them as my in-laws, and I'm glad they raised such an amazing son that I was fortunate enough to marry!

#4-Technology -- I'm not sure how people lived in the past. It was not many years ago that the cell phone came out, and the internet became a big deal. I remember when my parents got their first cell phones - and they were the coolest thing! (even
tho they were like a block of wood!). I am thankful for phones so that I can easily communicate with Skylar and my family and friends. I am thankful for the internet for allowing me to keep in touch with friends and family that are harder to communicate with on cell phones. And for also allowing me to video chat with skylar while he is away for long periods of time. It has made my life easier and I'm not sure if I would know how to live without it. (which may not be a good thing, but for the time being, its great!)

#5-Life -- Every day I wake up, go thru my morning routine to get ready for school, go to school, come home, and whatever else I need to do. I never really stop and think about life. About the health that I have, all the breaths I take, the trials, and the opportunity to do the things I do. I have a goal to be more thankful on a daily basis, and to thank my Heavenly Father for more things every time I speak to him. It is great to be able to walk, and breathe, and see, and hear, and all the little things that we all take for granted. Life is a beatiful thing. Lets be thankful for it.
Those are just 5 of my things I am thankful for. There are so many that I could go on and on and on. But, I won't. I challenge everyone to take a few minutes and really think about what they are most grateful for, and to think about the little things we take for granted. It is the perfect time of year for this. I look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family and enjoying delicious food, and shopping!

Sometimes Trials Are The Best Things For Us.....

So, my heart is full, and I'm on an emotional rollercoaster as of the last couple of days. As you know, Skylar has been working on the Oil Rigs in Pine Dale Wyoming, and sometimes Texas and somethimes Colorado. He has been wanting to get into more than just working on the rig doing the dirty work. We have some friends, the Murdochs, and we love their family and look up to them. Dave, the dad, has been working on oil rigs for quite a few years. That means that he has been away from home for most of the years. By working away from home all the time, he has worked his way up the ladder and is now what they call a Company Man. I'm not totally sure what the job description is, but that is besides the point. He will now be at work for 2 weeks, then be home for 2 weeks. Not a bad schedule, and he gets to be home a whole lot more than he was before. So..... Skylar has been interested in getting to where Dave is, and we went and talked to Dave a couple of weeks ago about the whole job ladder, and all the details. He gave Skylar a number to call, and of course, he called. The company said that since he already had experience in the field, they'd like to interview him for a possible job position. So Monday, we took off at 5:30 AM and headed to Casper Wyoming for the interview. It was a long and boring drive, but it was quality time together. On the way there, a few times I would be thinking about the future, and I would ask Sky if he was nervous. His reply was, "No, I actually feel really good about this, I think I'll get it." We have been praying for the Lord to let us know if it was a good decision or not, and to please let us know which direction to go. Neither one of us had a bad feeling about, so we pursued. We arrived, and Sky went in to the interview and I sat in the lobby and waited. Finally the guy that was interviewing him came and got me,and told me I was welcome to come join them while we filled out paper work! Ummmm.......WAIT..!! Paper work?? My mind was in jumbles! It was so fast that I didn't have much time to react. I just kept thinking it was a good thing that he got the job and it will all be ok. So we filled out the paper work, had a tour of the shop, got new jackets for FREE (which was a plus!!), and said our thank you's and headed on our way. Ok.. so all within about and hour and a half, our lives changed completely. And hopefully for the better. We then decided that since the Teton Pass and the Hoe Back wouldn't be the best roads, we would take a detour down thru Rock Springs and head over the Layton, Utah and stay with his aunt for the night. We also stopped in Green River to say hi to my aunt and uncle that moved there and I haven't seen them in a few months. And it was nice to get out of the car and relax for a while. BUT... the drive from Casper to Green River was extremely emotional. It had finally hit me what was really happening. Skylar got a new job and will be away from home alot more than what he is at the moment. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, so we talked, and talked, and talked, and talked some more. and I cried and cried and cried and cried alot more. And the whole time I just kept having this feeling that everything would be ok. Skylar started questioning it because he was seeing me in so many tears, and felt bad. But we had a really great conversation, and we came to the conclusion that it was in the Lords hands and this was part of the plan. We now look at it as one of our trials we have to go thru. And yes, there are some benefits within this trial, but it is going to be hard. Skylar is finishing his last week this week with his job he is quitting, then he leaves Monday for North Dakota, and he will be there clear till just before Christmas!!! It seems like forever. And it is going to take all I have to make it thru. His schedules now will consist of him being gone anywhere from 20-45 days at a time, and being home anywhere from 5-10 days. This is going to be a huge change, and definatly a rough trial.
Even though this trial is going to be extremely hard, I am thankful that the Lord has given it to us. We are putting all our faith in Him, and relying on Him to help us through. I have been through trials before, some small, and others a little bigger, and I have seen His hand work in many. It was just a few years ago that I really understood what it meant to put all your trust in the Lord. I am sooo thankful that I have the gospel in my life and that I can rely on it day in and day out. I often think of the Army Wifes, and how they get through their days without seeing and sometimes not even talking to their husbands for longer periods of time than what I have to deal with. You guys are an inspiration, and I look up to you. It takes great strength to get thru. I am grateful this trial has come to us now, and not when we have a bigger family. I think it would be hard if I had kids that I was raising. I'm thankful that I have school to keep me busy for the most part, and I'm thankful for the family and friends that are around to support us. As we have spilled the news to friends, many of them have offered to let me come and hang out with their families, and for that there is a lot of deep appreciation. I have come the the conclusion that I am going to become crafty, and creative, and find things to keep myself busy. I have a list of crafts I'm going to work on, there are a few school activites I will be involved in, and I'm going to start hitting the gym a few mornings a week to help me stay healthy mentally and physically. I will miss Skylar every single day, but thanks to the new technology I can still talk to him as much as I want.
It will be hard to get thru his shifts, but when he is home, I will be eternally grateful and cherrish each and every day. I look forward to learning the lessons the Lord has in store for us, and really unlocking the mystery of why this trial has been given to us at this time in our life, because everything happens for a reason! I will learn to not take things for granted, and that even the most simple day of being together means the world. Our time together is PRICELESS no matter what life brings.!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Models? I think so!

I have Mondays off from school, so I have had the opportunity to watch our little friend Emmett while
his mom went to work. Well, now she isn;t working anymore because they hired a full time secratery
so she could be a full-time stay at home mom. Which, is a great thing for her, but sad for me. I loved my mondays so I could play with him ALL day. But, I still go play every once in a while!
I have been watching him for quite a while, and every time she gets home she asks me how much she owes me, I always tell her nothing, because I totally enjoy playing with him, and they have done so much for us in the past. Well, she really wanted repay us somehow and I know she loves taking pictures and I love the work she does.. So I asked her to take some shots of me and Skylar. And she was more than thrilled to jump on the opportunity. So a couple Sundays ago after church we headed to Freeman Park in Idaho Falls and started shootin some photos. It was the perfect picture day to get the right fall feel. It was cloudy, rainy, and chilly. Most people would cringe at the thought of taking pictures in that kind of weather, but it gave the pictures the perfect effect and I absolutely love them and the colors are gorgeous and PERFECT!! I can't wait to get them printed bigger and get them on my wall to show off!! I'll show off some of my faves below! let me know what you think!! And a HUGE Thanks to Ann for doing a fantastic job!! Your the best!!!

Quick Update!!

Ok.. I think I'm the worst blogger ever!!
I never blog about anything we ever do! so... here it goes...
I am still in school at Evans. And I have 7 months left. And I'm sooo ready
to be done!! However, I am still loving it! Lots of drama, but thats what happens when you
put 65 girls and 1 boy in the same building! We just learned how to do nails, and I
really enjoy doing them! I love learning the new things and techniques.
And I have awesome family that comes in to let me play on them!
So come see me for a fun and fabulous experience!!
I also hang out with family, play guitar hero by myself, and have sleepovers with my
sister every one in a while just to keep me company!!
We also just had spirit week at  school the week of halloween.. I will post pics soon!
On halloween - since I was all by myself, I decided to go to our wards trunk or treat
with the Jones! They are pretty much like my siblings an Lil E is pretty much my nephew!
They are so kind and loving to let me hang out with them so much!
I really do appreciate it! Then I was off to the Thompson Party.
I have never seen so much yummy food in my whole life on Halloween. There were
carmeled apples, sugar cookies, candy, muffins, chili, corn dogs, rolls, pizza, pop, and sooo much more!
I think its time to also go on a diet for a while! But maybe I'll wait till after the holidays!

Skylar is still working in Wyoming. He could be possibly shipped to
Texas or Colorado to work for the same company, there are
just more pads to drill on for right now.
He is waiting to hear on a different job tho. That is why we are taking
a road trip to Casper, WY on Monday. Sounds like he will get it,
just have to have the interview. So that trip should be interesting.
He is loving the work he does. He is the kind of guy that enjoys working really hard.
He hates the work when you just sit around waiting for something interesting
to happen.So I'm glad he enjoys it!

Also, I am SOO excited for all of the holidays that are before us.
I am so thankful for family and friends that are so close to us. This is my favorite
time of year. I get to really think about the things I am grateful for, even tho
its no exuse to not think about them the rest of the year And I love
spending time with family.
I am looking forward to posting all about our holiday excursions!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drunks..Dancing...Singing...Celebrities!! (caution--long post)

Ok.. So for our anniversary this year I surprised Skylar with tickets to the Brad Paisley H20 Tour concert!..
It was soooooo hard for me to keep it a secret! I have known about it for about a month or so..
Our good friend Thomas Hatch was planning on going with us because we got a smokin deal for 4 tickets. So he ordered the tickets, we made the plans on how to get Skylar to Utah without him going crazy and
finding out what we were doing, and made plans to spend the weekend in Utah!!! And it was all going as planned and we were having the hardest time not letting Sky in on the plans. We couldn't hardly wait to make this a short, but awesome vacation! BUT..... then Tom got some fabulous news!! He got the phone call saying he was leaving for his mission a month earlier than he thought! Great news for him.... not so great news for me! This meant I had 2 extra tickets, and I had to be the one to carry out this surprise by myself!! AHHHH....I thought! what was I going to do?? I had to find 2 people, and fast! I talked to about 6 people... and none of them could go... I was getting worried I'd be stuck with the 2 tickets.. THEN! I got this great idea!! Alex and Treon Barton!!! DUUUHHH!!! They are in our ward and pretty much like our brother and sister. We are at their house a lot! So I talk to their parents and they are totally ok with them going! SWEET! all 4 tickets are going to be used! Now, the hard part was to make sure they didn't spill the beans to Skylar! Oh.. now I was even more excited!! Then it came the night before we left for Utah! and at this point he new we were going to Utah because his grandma had previously called him and told him "how excited she was to see him" and that we were going to have to get together! So he knew that much.... then... his aunt called and said she couldn't make it to dinner but wanted to know "what we were doing before the CONCERT!!" uh oh.... the can of beans had been spilled.... luckily he played dumb and said.."well... I don't think we're going to a concert, but I'm not totally positive what we're doing." So I'm not sure if he knew or not, but I got home from school and he pestered me till I told him... so I thought I did OK with keeping a secret till the day before! So on Thursday we headed down to Utah and had dinner with his family. Then Friday we went shopping then headed to the concert! We arrived there and couldn't wait for it to start!!
The artists there were.... BRAD PAISLEY, DARIUS RUCKER, STEEL MAGNOLIA, JOSH THOMPSON, JUSTIN MOORE, & ALLISON KRAUS. And it was AMAZING!!! we were there from about 4 p.m to about 11 p.m. We were exauhsted!! But.. while all of the singing was going on.. we were dancing and singing along! As well as making fun of, and enjoying the drunk people around us falling on each other, dancing with each other, people getting lost, and drinking more and more beer, as well as watching a girl get arrested, and laughing at the comments that were being shared!! It was quite the concert and full of fun and laughter!! Skylar was thrilled we were going and we had the time of our lives! I can't wait for another concert!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Peek At Parenthood

On Monday night we had the opportunity to watch our little friend Emmett.
He is almost 1 year old, and is one of the cutest kids I know. I would definately call him my own! We watched him while his parents went out for their anniversary.
I love watching this kid. He is full of joy, smiles, and enthusiasm about almost anything. You just cannot be around him without putting a smile on your own face, its just impossible. I am thankful to Greg and Ann for letting us spend the evening with Lil E. It gave us the chance to see what its all about to have a kid of your own. I have been around a lot of kids in my life, but this time it was a bit different. I got to see how Skylar is going to be with kids. He is in love with Emmett, and he thinks he belongs to him as well. It was so awesome to see how sky dealt with Emmett and how Em reacted to Skylar. It makes me soo excited to have a family of my own one day, and to have Skylar as the father to my kids. He is so cute and fun with them that I almost cried just watchin him feed and play with Lil Em. He is going to be the greatest daddy when that day comes and we start a family of our own.


A year ago on  July 17, 2009, I married my best friend for time and all eternity in the Rexburg, Idaho temple. I am so thankful he is in my life, and that we have had one fabulous year together. It doesn't really seem like a year, I feel as tho we just got married a few months ago. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. He treats me like his queen. He is my world, and my everything. We have had our disagreements, but more often than not, we have had some awesome experiences. After we were first married, my parents invited us every month to go to the temple with them, and we went, and sometimes we went just for the ice cream we got afterwards! ha.. no, i'm kidding, I'm really thankful they pushed us to go with them at least once a month. Both mine and skylars testimonies have grown so much. More than we'd ever expect in one year. Going to the temple is one of our favorite things to do. We love to feel the spirit and to have that quiet, thinking time to just the two of us. We always go with questions, and thoughts, and every time we go, we end up getting answers and feeling better about certain decisions. Going to the temple that often has brought us closer together as a couple and as one, it has also elimated alot of the arguments i'm sure we could have had, had we not attended the temple. Also, in the last year we have taken many trips to utah, boise, and west yellowstone. They may not be big, fancy, expensive trips, but they are just fine for me. We always have a blast when we are on a mini vacay! and we always make the best of them! Skylar has worked alot of our first year of marriage, and unfortunately he wasn't able to be home on our big 1 year anniversary. And yes- being the cry baby i am, I cried alot that day. I was a little depressed, ok ... maybe a bit more than a little depressed.. it was hard for me to grasp the thought of not even seeing him on our anniversary. But, being the wonderful husband he is, Skylar sent me a huge bouquet of flowers. He did an awesome job! He had them put together like my wedding bouquet and he had them sent to school. And yes.. I cried when I received them. He is the sweetest, niceset.cutest, etc, etc, etc. guy in the whole entire world. I love him to death and I wouldn't trade anything about our marriage for the world. As a result of him being away on our anniversary, he came home the next weekend and surprised me with a night at the Destinations Inn in Idaho falls, with of course, a great dinner! He felt horrible that he couldn't be here, but He promised he would make it up to me... and he DID!! the following day we got up and traveled down to Bear lake where we spent the day with our very good friends Greg and Ann jones.. and of course my fave.. Little Emmett.! We enjoyed the beach and a delicious dinner of italian meatballs, salad, and garlic bread! It was a good belated anniversary weekend. And I love Bear Lake. I think I would be just fine with moving down there... or at least having a vacation home on the lake! :)
I just want everyone to know that I married the best guy on the face of the earth. He is my best friend, and my life. I am so glad I get to spend eternity with him... Its only been one year... But I am looking forward to 100+ more!
These are the flowers sky sent me! I just LOVE them! They are sooooo beatuiful!!!

4th of July!!~!

Wow!! July is almost over! Where is all this time going? I feel as tho time is going way to fast for me to enjoy it. But, nevertheless.. I enjoy every second I can. This month has a been a fun filled one for sure. First.. It was the 4th of July.. I was lucky enough to spend it with my fabulous husband. I was so thankful that his company let him come home for the weekend. I was worried I'd have to spend it spousless. We spent saturday night, July 3rd, with some family friends having a bbq and doing a whole lot of fireworks. Then sunday we just enjoyed each others company and had a really relaxing and spiritual day. Then Monday came along, and we spent the day out in Menan and the celebration they have every year. I love going out there because I get to run into friends, and long lost friends, and people I haven't seen in a very long time, as well as enjoy the delicious funnel cakes, burgers, icees, and all other fattening food, all while sitting and watching the softball tournaments going on. I was so thrilled to be outside for the day! I love the outdoors! Then we were able to go to his grandmas birthday party for dinner! Which was delicious. Tyson did dutch oven, and he did awesome! Then we went back to the church for the famous menan fireworks!! I enjoy them! They are short, sweet, and to the point! But don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the Idaho Falls ones, but... I don't like fighting the crowds.. In menan I am blessed to be able to walk to the fireworks since my parents live a couple blocks away!! After a long.. fun filled day.. we went home and crashed!! But i must say I really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Alrighty...where to begin!?!?!
First off.. .I started school.. and I'm loving every second of it! It has always been my dream and my hobby to do hair, and everything else involved.  I am now in my 4th week - and can't wait for week 5 when I get to hit the floor have a ball!!
As for Sky. He is still workin on the oil rigs. he is currently in Wyoming, but has been in Texas
for a few weeks. I prefer him in Wyoming because its a whole lot closer and easier for me to take a short trip to see him every once in a while.. and besides - I love the drive to wyoming. Its so pretty! and so relaxing to enjoy the scenery...!
So while he is gone I have just been home.. cleaning.. studying.. going boating... and hangin out with the fam and friends! I stay with my sister every once in a while so I'm not so lonely all the time, and thats been a good thing to stay busy.. Being lonely is hard most of the time, but I just keep reminding myself that every time he's gone, it makes the days that he's home a thousand times better and it means a whole lot more to the both of us.
I am looking forward to the 4th of  July. Its one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! I love spending time with family and being outside all day and enjoying the delicious food that is at the Menan Celebration. The only downer is that Skylar won't be able to celebrate it with us because of work.. Also. We're about to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! and I am thrilled that it is just around the corner.!!! ahh.. this time last year the anxiety was gettin to me!! I still remember the things that we were planning and last minute things we were putting together!! It has been the best year of my life!! Can't wait to hit the big #1!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Trip!!! - (But not for me)

OK.. So.. Skylar is leaving for the Oil Rigs. He will be in Wyoming for 2 weeks for training, then be home for a week. Then... he will be headed to Texas for the real deal. It will be 2 weeks at work, 1 week at home type of deal!! I think I'm going to go crazy!!! This is going to be very hard. I look up to you army wives that put up with it more than two weeks, and on top of that without seeing them for much longer. You guys are great, and I hope I can be as strong as you guys.! I will just have to keep myself busy while he's gone, and try to make time go by fast. So if you have any ideas for making time fly, or ideas for keeping busy... I'm open to suggestions!!! :)
As for me, I'm still working full time. I start school in June! And I cannot wait! (also, I'm hoping it will keep my preoccupied so I'm not thinking about Skylar coming home) I'm so excited to start my career and begin fulfilling my dream! Thats about all the updates for now! Hopefully I'll have something more exciting next time I post!

Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok.. so last night I was invited to Zumba. I had no idea what it was, and I thought it was like a worshiping sort of thing. Come to find out, it is a workout. It is kind of like aerobics, you dance, and get a great workout at the same time! And even tho it was an hour, it seemed like we were only there for 20 minutes! Time flies when your having fun! and that is exactly what it was... It was way way fun! We did all sorts of moves!
And yes, I looked pretty funny doing it, but you just don't care, because chances are, everyone else thinks they look funny as well. The instructor just kept telling us that "no on is watching you, so get into it!" oh that was soooo hard to believe!!! :) But I had a blast. And thanks Jaycie, for talking me into going.! I think that all of you should join us! Every Monday and Thursday night from 8-9pm in Rigby. Just down from where Over the Top Gymnastics used to be in the Dance Unlimited Studio!!!! Your first time going is free... then after that you pay $25 and you get a punch card that allow you to go 10 times. To me, that is super cheap!! And, totally worth my money!! So come and join us next week!!! Ü

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

... HeRe CoMeS tHe BrIdE ...

So over the weekend, Skylar and I made another trip to Boise to attend a wedding for a very good family friend. We left on Friday afternoon and made our lllooonnnggg.. and I mean long... trip west. Just after Twin Falls it started snowing... and then it started blizzarding!! It was crazy!
And it slowed traffic down to the extreme. But when we dropped into Boise, it was gone, and it was only rain! It was much better.
After the long awaited arrival of getting to our destination, we checked in to our hotel and headed to meet up with his uncle in Eagle. We then made our way back to downtown Boise to the Qwest Arena for a basketball game between the Idaho Stampede and the Los Angeles D-Fenders. They are just a step below the NBA.. and they aren't too bad. In fact... One of the players from the Idaho Stampede is now playing for the Utah Jazz and is doing an outstanding job! So that was something new and exciting for us to do!
Then, on Saturday- we pretty much wasted the day away until the wedding. We did have an easter egg hunt with his cousins and that was about it. Then came the wedding. It was at the WoodRiver Cellars in Eagle. And it was a beautiful location to have a wedding. The bride was and absolute princess, and the bridesmaids and flower girls looked fabulous, and lets not forget the groom and the groomsmen- they looked stunning as well. It was a little bit different of a wedding than from what I'm used to, but it was good culture for all of us, and we enjoyed every second of it..
I'm pretty sure we were the only ones not drinking any of the 6 cases of wine and 2 kegs of beer that they had for the reception/dinner part of the wedding. It was interesting and fun at the same time to watch the different types of people that attended this wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and everybody was happy. I'm glad we were able to attend the ceremony. You could definately feel the love the bride and groom had for each other. Then we came home on Sunday, and the drive home was much better then on the way there. It was a great Easter Weekend, and we enjoyed listening to Conference while we were gone
We love going on mini vacations, but we also enjoy coming home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sorry this picture is kind of blurry. But this is sooo adorable.. My mom and I just made some
for the grandparents. The clothes pins are what you put the name and day of the month for each person in the family then clip them on the ribbon for the month they belong on. It is super cute!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some crafts...

Ok... here is a couple of pictures of the crafts I have done Lately..
there will be more pictures to come..

These two are pretty much the same.. other than the colors. one is brown and cream and the other one is red and black. I can do almost any colors you'd like, or any saying you'd like. Also, I can put it on any material, whether it be wood, glass, etc.

This one is on my wall. It is in 8x10 frames hung on a curtain rod. Its pretty big, but I love it.

I have a few more pictures I need to put up, I will work on them. Let me know if I can do anything for you.!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok... So... I really need to get better at this blogging thing...
So here is a short update..
I am still working at Yellowstone Lumber (Formerly known as the Yellowstone Do it Center.. They changed their name just a week ago.) And in April I am starting school at Evans in Rexburg. So come see me!!!! I would love to enhance the beauty you already have!! Ü

Skylar is still working for his dad. And just hangin out!

Also, I am starting to sell boards that have sayings on them... I can custom create them for you or I have pre-made ones. Also, I can get things made out of sheet metal.
These decorations make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, christmas, ect. OR.. just put them in your own home in and empty spot you've been wanting to fill. I'm working on getting pictures up, I'll get them up soon. Let me know if you want anything, and I can get you prices! I would love to help you decorate! :) just hit me up with email, facebook, my blog, or my phone # is 569-3645...