Sunday, September 27, 2009


ok.. so i've been really bad about this whole blogging thing... and I appologize! But YES!! we are FINALLY married! and we absolutely love it! it is the best thing ever!! It happened on July 17th.. and it was the best day of our lives!! As of right now... I am working at Yellowstone Do It Center in Rigby... and Sky is working for his dad running 3 different crews and putting in a ton of hours.. He is working nights remodeling the Ammon and Blackfoot Walmarts, and then working hours during the day. It is a good thing for him.. but I hate being away from him as much as I am, but I know in the long run its ok and totally worth it. It is helping us come closer together, so its good! I just keep thinking of the positive each day, and that is what keeps me going! Also, we've been told we're doing things a little backwards... Newlyweds usually spend every waking second together the first few months.. then they deal with being away from each other more and more as time goes on.. well... We started being away from each other pretty much every night about a week after our wedding.. so hopefully when the walmarts are done.. we'll be able to spend more time together! And I am most definately looking forward to it!! I am planning to start school in January at Evans Beauty College. It has been a life long dream of mine, since I grew up with it in my house as my mom did the same thing! So its a hobbie of mine and I love it! Also, we just got put in the nursery in our ward (As per request of some parents...) and we are enjoying each moment of that as well... We really appreciate all the love and support of our family and friends... Its been great!

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  1. its about time you update your blog! goodness i don't know how you handle skylar being gone all night! brian was gone for one weekend and i had to be by myself and i didn't sleep like at all ha, but i sure miss you girl we need to do something! love ya!