Monday, March 22, 2010

Some crafts...

Ok... here is a couple of pictures of the crafts I have done Lately..
there will be more pictures to come..

These two are pretty much the same.. other than the colors. one is brown and cream and the other one is red and black. I can do almost any colors you'd like, or any saying you'd like. Also, I can put it on any material, whether it be wood, glass, etc.

This one is on my wall. It is in 8x10 frames hung on a curtain rod. Its pretty big, but I love it.

I have a few more pictures I need to put up, I will work on them. Let me know if I can do anything for you.!


  1. thanks Brandi!! I know i want something but I am still trying to decide how i want it set up?? haha. How much do you charge?

  2. Hey Jasmine!! It all depends on what you want. For something like the ones I have posted probably around 20. It will kind ofdepend on size. So just let me know and I can get a for sure price for you!! Thanks!

  3. :) I love it Brandi! I should probably come pick up my wedding present huh :)