Saturday, June 6, 2009


ok... I have been extremely bad about this whole blogging thing. I have slacked off for over a month!! ahh... So here is the last little while in review....

As you know.. Skylar and I are getting married!! We finally set a date that worked for both families, since they are both super busy this whole summer.. We picked July 17th!! In the Rexburg Temple! And it is SET!! We are sooo EXCITED!!! I can hardly wait to enter the temple for the first time.. I am anxious to have the feeling of peace come over me and feeling the spirit sooo strong is what I want! After finally getting the date set and reserved at the temple, we started the wedding planning!! After months and months of looking for a dress.. I finally found it at Margene's. The funny thing is, is that the dress I bought isn't even close to what I imagined wearing on my wedding day! But, apparently thats how it works for alot of girls is what the girls at Margene's told me. After the stress of the dress, we picked out Sky's tux. But, guys are so easy going that it was easy for us to accomplish that part of planning. We then moved on to deciding what the brothers and sisters are going to wear.! We found shirts and ties at JCPenny for the brothers, and my amazing grandma is going to make the skirts for the sisters! I am sooo excited to see the final result! My grandma is truly amazing at everything she does! I love her to death! Then we decided that the dads will have matching ties with the brothers, and the moms can wear whatever they would like, as long as they are in the c olors!! :) Then we moved on to picking out flowers! We are having Floral Classics do them! And they have been soo good to work with us on what we want and giving us their opinion on whether or not our ideas will look good! But, we just finalized all the flowers and its going to be stunning! We have started on the center pieces for the reception! Which are going to be sooo fun! Its going to be a very enjoyable project to work on! Thanks to Skylar, he has helped alot with those! Thanks to Cari Webb for taking our engagement pictures! They are awesome! And we had a blast taking them! She is great at what she does, and its even more fun because she knows us both and she knows our personalities! As for the rest of the wedding plans, they are coming along! We have tons of ideas, now we just have to put them into action! It has been a stressful road, and the stress isn't over! And thanks to the dads and skylar for being patient with the girls and our stress levels!! :) I will be so glad when the planning is over! Huge thanks goes out to my own mother whom I adore and love with all my heart, and also to Amy, the best future mother-in-law a girl could ask for. They have both been patient with us and willing to jump on something that needs done! Thanks guys for all your help!! I know its long... but this has been pretty much our lives for the past couple of months! We can't wait for July 17th to be here - and we are praying for good sunshine weather!!

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