Thursday, April 16, 2009

?Winter? or ?Spring?

This is at about 1 p.m on April 15, 2009!!! Can you believe it?! SNOW!! I thought it was SPRING!?!? ... I must be wrong!

A tree outside my office.... with snowThe sidewalk... and some trees... its crazy! you cant even see the grass!

The snowflakes were GIGANTIC!! It was soooo crazy!

this is about 6 pm the same day.. its off the trees and starting to go away!!

the same tree outside my window.. snow... gone.!

THEN.... all of a sudden it started snowing about 9:30 pm.. and went for most of the night.. and this is what we ended up with!

Snow on the Morning of April 16th. There was soooo much!!

you can see how much snow we got over night...

The tree outside the door... the snow was weighing it down so much!

This tree had just blossomed with cute pink and white flowers about 2 days .. and now they are dead.. poor things

You can see how the snow was sooo heavy.. it was weighing down sooo many branches...
and sooo many of them were broken off the tree and in the road.. it was one crazy night!

So being the crazy people we are, chelsie (a girl i work with), and i went and acutally measured the snow... it is a whopping 10 inches... WOW!

What a crazy last couple of days... Sunshine.. High temps... Rain.. and then the next thing you know we end up with snow covered cars, roads, and yards. But its bound to get better!

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