Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Alrighty...where to begin!?!?!
First off.. .I started school.. and I'm loving every second of it! It has always been my dream and my hobby to do hair, and everything else involved.  I am now in my 4th week - and can't wait for week 5 when I get to hit the floor have a ball!!
As for Sky. He is still workin on the oil rigs. he is currently in Wyoming, but has been in Texas
for a few weeks. I prefer him in Wyoming because its a whole lot closer and easier for me to take a short trip to see him every once in a while.. and besides - I love the drive to wyoming. Its so pretty! and so relaxing to enjoy the scenery...!
So while he is gone I have just been home.. cleaning.. studying.. going boating... and hangin out with the fam and friends! I stay with my sister every once in a while so I'm not so lonely all the time, and thats been a good thing to stay busy.. Being lonely is hard most of the time, but I just keep reminding myself that every time he's gone, it makes the days that he's home a thousand times better and it means a whole lot more to the both of us.
I am looking forward to the 4th of  July. Its one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! I love spending time with family and being outside all day and enjoying the delicious food that is at the Menan Celebration. The only downer is that Skylar won't be able to celebrate it with us because of work.. Also. We're about to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! and I am thrilled that it is just around the corner.!!! ahh.. this time last year the anxiety was gettin to me!! I still remember the things that we were planning and last minute things we were putting together!! It has been the best year of my life!! Can't wait to hit the big #1!

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  1. awh! come hang out with me any day! I'm in rexburg! I LOVE you girl!