Friday, November 4, 2011

Palm Trees, White Sand, & Clear Blue Water

"Palm trees are growin and warm breezes blowin, I picture myself right there.."... Thats what I thought of as we boarded the plane to Cozumel, Mexico. We left at 1am on September 3rd and flew from Salt Lake to Atlanta and then From Atlanta we headed to our final destination. We stayed at Park Royal Resort and it was amazing!! 

There were 3 pools, 2 of which were the infinity pools! I wish I could have one in my back yard! 

(If you can tell, it looks like the pool continues into the ocean... So Cool!)
We spent lots of time in the water!! It wasn't extremely hot, and not too humid either, but the water was amazing!! 

Skylar spent a lot of his time at the swim up bars and bringing me drinks while I soaked up the sun!

 The views from our balcony were breath-taking!! I would be one happy person if I could wake up to that every morning..

Our room was on the 8th floor up! Loved it! 

The second day we were there we went out snorkeling for like 4 hours! It was amazing!! I will have to put those pics up later - i don't have them right now. We went to 2 different reefs and saw so many creatures! Sharks, Baraccudas, sea turtles, star fish, the "dory" fish, clown fish, etc.! I soo wanna do it again! However - Skylar learned his lesson and he now knows to put sunscreen on before we leave the hotel room.. he was fried. I felt bad cuz it was only the 2nd day.  But... either way it was a blast!

We rented a scooter 2 different days. On day one we went into town to the local shopping market and enjoyed walking around and attempting to speak spanish the best we could! We took our friends from Brazil with us that day! They helped a little bit with the communication part.
Christiani and Christiano are the friends from Brazil! They were really fun and it was fun to learn a bit of Portugese!
We made friends from all over! Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Nevada, and of course Mexico!

There was a show almost every night at the resort! And if there wasn't a show, there was Karaoke. Skylar had to blow in the conk shell (i think thats what its called!).. and he won the contest and won that huge bottle of tequila! He was pretty excited! 
The food was DELICIOUS!!! We had Mexican, Italian, Oriental, Caribean, and many other types!!
All I have to say is.. yummmmm!!

We were a little obsessed with all the cruise ships that port right by our resort!
It was sooo awesome to see how huge they really are! I can't wait to be on one myself!!

At the end of each day I was thrilled to watch the sun set! All of the sunsets down there are breathtaking!
I love the sand as well!! I couldn't get enough of it on my toes!! 

It was such a fantastic trip. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to go be with Skylar and to enjoy a different culture. I can not wait to return to the beauty of Cozumel, Mexico!

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