Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drunks..Dancing...Singing...Celebrities!! (caution--long post)

Ok.. So for our anniversary this year I surprised Skylar with tickets to the Brad Paisley H20 Tour concert!..
It was soooooo hard for me to keep it a secret! I have known about it for about a month or so..
Our good friend Thomas Hatch was planning on going with us because we got a smokin deal for 4 tickets. So he ordered the tickets, we made the plans on how to get Skylar to Utah without him going crazy and
finding out what we were doing, and made plans to spend the weekend in Utah!!! And it was all going as planned and we were having the hardest time not letting Sky in on the plans. We couldn't hardly wait to make this a short, but awesome vacation! BUT..... then Tom got some fabulous news!! He got the phone call saying he was leaving for his mission a month earlier than he thought! Great news for him.... not so great news for me! This meant I had 2 extra tickets, and I had to be the one to carry out this surprise by myself!! AHHHH....I thought! what was I going to do?? I had to find 2 people, and fast! I talked to about 6 people... and none of them could go... I was getting worried I'd be stuck with the 2 tickets.. THEN! I got this great idea!! Alex and Treon Barton!!! DUUUHHH!!! They are in our ward and pretty much like our brother and sister. We are at their house a lot! So I talk to their parents and they are totally ok with them going! SWEET! all 4 tickets are going to be used! Now, the hard part was to make sure they didn't spill the beans to Skylar! Oh.. now I was even more excited!! Then it came the night before we left for Utah! and at this point he new we were going to Utah because his grandma had previously called him and told him "how excited she was to see him" and that we were going to have to get together! So he knew that much.... then... his aunt called and said she couldn't make it to dinner but wanted to know "what we were doing before the CONCERT!!" uh oh.... the can of beans had been spilled.... luckily he played dumb and said.."well... I don't think we're going to a concert, but I'm not totally positive what we're doing." So I'm not sure if he knew or not, but I got home from school and he pestered me till I told him... so I thought I did OK with keeping a secret till the day before! So on Thursday we headed down to Utah and had dinner with his family. Then Friday we went shopping then headed to the concert! We arrived there and couldn't wait for it to start!!
The artists there were.... BRAD PAISLEY, DARIUS RUCKER, STEEL MAGNOLIA, JOSH THOMPSON, JUSTIN MOORE, & ALLISON KRAUS. And it was AMAZING!!! we were there from about 4 p.m to about 11 p.m. We were exauhsted!! But.. while all of the singing was going on.. we were dancing and singing along! As well as making fun of, and enjoying the drunk people around us falling on each other, dancing with each other, people getting lost, and drinking more and more beer, as well as watching a girl get arrested, and laughing at the comments that were being shared!! It was quite the concert and full of fun and laughter!! Skylar was thrilled we were going and we had the time of our lives! I can't wait for another concert!!

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