Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Update!!

Ok.. I think I'm the worst blogger ever!!
I never blog about anything we ever do! so... here it goes...
I am still in school at Evans. And I have 7 months left. And I'm sooo ready
to be done!! However, I am still loving it! Lots of drama, but thats what happens when you
put 65 girls and 1 boy in the same building! We just learned how to do nails, and I
really enjoy doing them! I love learning the new things and techniques.
And I have awesome family that comes in to let me play on them!
So come see me for a fun and fabulous experience!!
I also hang out with family, play guitar hero by myself, and have sleepovers with my
sister every one in a while just to keep me company!!
We also just had spirit week at  school the week of halloween.. I will post pics soon!
On halloween - since I was all by myself, I decided to go to our wards trunk or treat
with the Jones! They are pretty much like my siblings an Lil E is pretty much my nephew!
They are so kind and loving to let me hang out with them so much!
I really do appreciate it! Then I was off to the Thompson Party.
I have never seen so much yummy food in my whole life on Halloween. There were
carmeled apples, sugar cookies, candy, muffins, chili, corn dogs, rolls, pizza, pop, and sooo much more!
I think its time to also go on a diet for a while! But maybe I'll wait till after the holidays!

Skylar is still working in Wyoming. He could be possibly shipped to
Texas or Colorado to work for the same company, there are
just more pads to drill on for right now.
He is waiting to hear on a different job tho. That is why we are taking
a road trip to Casper, WY on Monday. Sounds like he will get it,
just have to have the interview. So that trip should be interesting.
He is loving the work he does. He is the kind of guy that enjoys working really hard.
He hates the work when you just sit around waiting for something interesting
to happen.So I'm glad he enjoys it!

Also, I am SOO excited for all of the holidays that are before us.
I am so thankful for family and friends that are so close to us. This is my favorite
time of year. I get to really think about the things I am grateful for, even tho
its no exuse to not think about them the rest of the year And I love
spending time with family.
I am looking forward to posting all about our holiday excursions!!

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