Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Crazy but FUNtastic Life!

Ok.. Its been way too long.. Thanksgiving was a long time ago!!
So.. here is a look at whats been happening since then!!

Ann and I hit the stores early (we left at 3:30 am) on Black Friday! There were a few things we were
after but didn't end up with hardly anything on the list- just a bunch of socks from Fred Meyers and some random items from other places! But thats alright it was a blast and I'm sooo ready to do it again!

Me, my Mom, Lyndsi, and Kaesi went to the Jon Schmidt concert that was in Rexburg. We are huge fans of his. He is absolutely AMAZING!! The concert was great! I loved how he interacted with the audience! I can't wait to go again! To listen to one of our favorite songs click here :
And for another one of our faves click here:

Then we had an updo contest at school!!

Definately one of a kind updo!

Yes.. popcorn is a favorite of mine and has great inspiration!!!

I had an awesome model to work with and she was up for anything!
Thanks Shyenne for helping me out!! Our updo took 4th out of like 65 others!!
I was impressed and the judges loved it!

I got crafty and made this for my sister in law Kylie for
christmas. She just did her whole room in the red and zebra theme!
Soooo cute!!

And I made this set up!! It was super easy and soo fun!
And a simple decoration for the Christmas season!

We got our christmas tree all up and decorated! It was a real tree cuz I love the
smell of them!!
I have decided next year I'm going to do a themed tree.. Just not sure
what the theme is going to be!! :) 

Christmas Eve we went bowling with my family at Fat Cats in Rexburg!
It is now a tradition of ours!

Sooo much fun!!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Sorry.. no pictres of christmas! BUT... it was great!!
We enjoyed spending the day with lots and lots of family!!

 Then New Years was upon us. We headed up to West Yellowstone the Thursday
before the New Year to spend the weekend riding and playing in the snow!
The roads were not great on the way up but Friday this is what it was like as far as roads go.
 This is how the day was Friday riding... It was ooober cold but sunny and
sooo much powder and soo much fun to play in! We stopped at the Trout Hunter
for lunch and got the dreaded call that Skylar was to head back to work on the 1st of January. :(
So we made the most of the days that were left for us to be together before he headed back.

Then came January 6th... and one of my favorite childhood friends and best friends, Jenny, got married!
She was a gorgeous bride and her and BJ were extremely happy! The whole day was amazing!

Since then.. I have been watching and playing with my favorite little boy Emmett!!
He just makes me so happy and I love every second with him!! I love watching him
grow and start talking a whole ton. He is such a busy boy and it takes alot to keep up with him,
but I totally enjoy it! As well as spending time with his parents a few nights a week. I owe them alot
for keeping me entertained while Skylar has been gone. They are great!!

Sorry for the long post.. My new years resolution is to be better at keeping this updated and not having to update 2 or 3 months at a time..!!

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