Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tis the Season!

So, this is my probably my favorite season. It gives me time to reflect on the things I am grateful for and spend lots of time with family. And on top of that, I love the snow!! (minus the bad roads.)
So here is a list of the things I am most grateful for...!

#1-My Husband -- Skylar is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad that we met in the 7th grade, and remained friends all thru high school. I am so glad that I am his wife for time and all eternity, and I am excited to raise a family with him in the future. He is my best friend and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm glad he is willing to do what it takes to support us while I go to school, and make it so we can live a happy life. Even though he won't read this.... I love you Skylar and thank you for being the best husband ever and for all you do for me! You mean the world to me!!

#2-The Gospel -- I have never been as grateful as I should be for the gospel. Growing up it was just one of those things I did because I was raised that way. It became "The Routine...". I went because my family went. I went to seminary because my parents wanted me to, and because I needed to, but did I really understand why I went?? No
. It wasn't until after high school, and after I got back from New York did I start to fully understand the meaning of the Gospel. And now that I have gone through the temple, and been sealed, I am starting to see a bigger picture than just going through the motions. I am gaining a better Testimony, and beginning to understand things a whole lot better. I miss going to seminary and learning the lessons that our teachers taught soo well and on our level.  I look back, and seminary was one of those things that just "keeps ya goin". I'm glad my attitude has changed and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the Church.

#3- Family -- How I love my family. I would have never said that a few years ago. For a long time me and my parents clashed alot. We didn't ever get along, and I thought they didn't know anything. Alot of that was my attitude towards life, and it was the "I'll do what I want" attitude. And it got me no where. It took alot to regain the trust and to build our relationships. Lots of fights, tears, conversations, and advice got me to where I am today. There are things that my parents did that I hated them for, but I look back now and thank them for what they did. They are the best parents in the world, and I love them to death. Also, how can I forget my siblings?? I have the best big sister, younger brother, and younger sister in the world. They are so awesome, and I love each one of them! Thanks family for being the best! And I can't forget the in-laws. I appreciate their support and love! I'm lucky to have them as my in-laws, and I'm glad they raised such an amazing son that I was fortunate enough to marry!

#4-Technology -- I'm not sure how people lived in the past. It was not many years ago that the cell phone came out, and the internet became a big deal. I remember when my parents got their first cell phones - and they were the coolest thing! (even
tho they were like a block of wood!). I am thankful for phones so that I can easily communicate with Skylar and my family and friends. I am thankful for the internet for allowing me to keep in touch with friends and family that are harder to communicate with on cell phones. And for also allowing me to video chat with skylar while he is away for long periods of time. It has made my life easier and I'm not sure if I would know how to live without it. (which may not be a good thing, but for the time being, its great!)

#5-Life -- Every day I wake up, go thru my morning routine to get ready for school, go to school, come home, and whatever else I need to do. I never really stop and think about life. About the health that I have, all the breaths I take, the trials, and the opportunity to do the things I do. I have a goal to be more thankful on a daily basis, and to thank my Heavenly Father for more things every time I speak to him. It is great to be able to walk, and breathe, and see, and hear, and all the little things that we all take for granted. Life is a beatiful thing. Lets be thankful for it.
Those are just 5 of my things I am thankful for. There are so many that I could go on and on and on. But, I won't. I challenge everyone to take a few minutes and really think about what they are most grateful for, and to think about the little things we take for granted. It is the perfect time of year for this. I look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family and enjoying delicious food, and shopping!

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