Friday, June 17, 2011

Lets Play Catch Up!!

I went on a crazy, spur of the moment drive on March 20th to see my Skylar. It was his birthday that day and I felt bad we couldn't celebrate. So.. I packed up my things and headed for North Dakota. It was a 9 hour drive that was long and boring, but went smooth. I was soo excited to see him! We spent the night in Williston, and had to get up at 5am so he could go back to the rig and turn in his paper work. So not much sleep but worth the drive to see him for a day! I also was privileged to meet his co-workers. He also got to open a couple of his presents that I had packed along for the trip! He was thrilled!! He got some Oakley sunglasses and some summer clothes! He has been begging for his sunglasses so I finally broke down and got them.. and of course- while I was at it, I snatched me some as well!! And we rock them everywhere we go!!

Since then Skylar got a couple of breaks to come home. He had a week in April he was allowed to come home. And then his bigger break started May 3rd when he showed up at home at about 3 am. I was thrilled!!! While he was home he had the wonderful opportunity to get his wisdom teeth out! oh how he was overjoyed! just kidding... he did not love it at all. But we were able to take a trip to Utah to see some family and spend time together! He was home for about 2 1/2 weeks then left again on May 22.
And since then I have been back to Utah 2 other times. Once for a Hair show with my wonderful mom in Salt Lake. Which I loved!! I had a blast and learned some new interesting things! and then the girls (my mom and my 2 sisters and I) took a girl trip to Utah to see my uncle from Denver and his family. Along with visiting other family members we haven't seen in a long time. It was a good get away and fun time to spend with the sisters.

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