Tuesday, April 14, 2009

!~EaStEr 2009~!

Easter this year was a blast! The weather was GREAT!! I went up to Sugarhouse (Which is part of SLC) to my friend Stephanie's house for dinner!! I made a jell-o salad and made a bunny head on top with marshmallows!! it was sooo cute.. and delicous!! We had pot roast, potatoes, carrots, salads, cobbler, brownies, cheesecake, rice krispie treats, and much more!! it was SOOOO YUMMY!!! After dinner me and steph hopped on the piano and serendaded everyone with our skills! and one of the other guys, (I don't remember his name) played his guitar!! haha It wasn't as good as you think, but it was fun! Then we had dance lessons by "YOSEF"!! haha his real name is joseph, but since there are 2 of them, we altered his name! That was hilarious to watch them dance! After the dancing ceased, me and steph walked to the park that is around the corner.. and there we had fun!! as some of the pictures explain!! yes, we are dorks! but we love it!! and we have come to the conclusion that being the dorks we are- make us who we are today! we just have to love life! I met a lot of great people that day! and especially Kim - Stephs friend. She has inspired me to look on the positive side of life everyday no matter what. She has been thru the unbearable and you wouldn't have any idea what she is dealing with unless someone told you. You would think her life was just grand. Thanks Kim for being an inspiration to sooo many people with your faith and happiness!! Overall, Easter was great! (except I didn't get to see my family) ! But it was good! I can't wait till next Easter!!!

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