Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jr. High Crush

Again, we were sitting in class, In Mr. Johnson's history class to be exact. Now, in 9th grade, the cool thing was to have a "tablet" that you passed, instead of passing notes. Who knows why? It was just what we did. So he started a "tablet" one day and we talked constantly- which was a bit weird, considering we hadn't talked at all since the 7th grade. I'm pretty sure that we got it taken away a few times- who knows how many, but we didn't care. Then, the same 'ole routine... he "asked me out" again. And.. once again- I told him I'd think about it... But this time I had an answer quicker. I told him yes during the next class we had together. And again, we were boyfriend/girlfriend. This time around it lasted a little bit longer than it did in 7th grade. We met up after drivers ed, at basketball games, football games, etc. We were so close to being 16 that we figured we would attempt to get together outside of school activities. We planned to go to the festival of lights that Christmas with his family. But... the idea was shot down by both parents when we asked. All because they thought it was a "date", but we completely disagreed with them. Then, sadly enough, Skylar went to Cali over Christmas, and that meant no talking on the phone for 2 weeks while he was gone. I hated life then. Finally he came back and the second he got home he called me to tell me he was safely back in Rigby and that he missed me. Then the next day... He tried calling me at about 8am. I was really confused with the fact that he was calling me in the morning rather than later that night. But I answered it when I said hello, he told me he was out front. WHAT?!?! I thought. This can't be happening. I am still in bed, I look like crap, and its 8am on Christmas break. I should still be sleeping. But that was the least of my worries.. I hurried and threw some "OK" clothes on and went to answer the front door. He was literally right outside my house when he called. I let him inside and he handed me my Christmas present. I opened it slowly so I could savor the moment of having my boyfriend in my house! ha ha- yes, I know.. cheesy, but that's how I felt then. He had gotten me stuff from Disneyland for Christmas. I loved it!! And.. to this day, I still have part of it!! It was a great Christmas.. We won't mention what I got him... needless to say, it wasn't near as good as the stuff from Disneyland. 9Th grade was great! But, after a while, I got sick of having a boyfriend because I wanted to "hang out" and talk to other boys. I wanted to explore other guys for a while. So, yes.. I broke if off this time as well. (Actually, it was more like my friend running in the cafeteria yelling at Skylar, making sure he understood that I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore... Sorry for embarrassing you babe) And, of course, he was devastated again. And, just like last time, we didn't talk the rest of the year....

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