Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eNgAgEd!~ and LOVING it!!

On Christmas Eve 2008 we were at Skylars house for the Thompson family Christmas Eve get together. We were playing with all of the cousins and joking around with his aunts and uncles. His mom then asked him to run to the store for her to get some more crackers for the cheese ball she had just made. (It was delicious!!) She said she didn't think she had enough. So he told me to get my coat and we'd run to the store.. I kept asking myself where in the world we were going to get crackers this time of night (It was like 6 or 7) on Christmas Eve. But I went. He asked me to drive since the "dirtymax" was blocked in. So we hopped in my car and headed for good ole Broulims in Rigby. When we got the end of his subdivision where we had to turn left or right, I went to turn right, and he told me to go left. At this point I was extremely confused.... But I went along with it and just gave him funny looks. We played the "game" where I drove, and he told me where and when to turn. I'm pretty sure we wasted half a tank of gas and he got some really confused looks from me. After the long drive around.. we headed for Hwy 20. Headed Northbound. He told me to get off on the 1st Rexburg exit. Again.. I was confused because the grocery stores are all after the 2nd exit!! But I did as he said. Before I knew it we ended up in front of the Rexburg Temple.!!! It was a cold and snowy night... with an "Idaho" breeze!! It was then and there that he told me he wanted to take me there and spend the rest of his life with me. Of course I totally and completely agreed!!! After basking in the moment and taking it all in, he jumped in and said we had to hurry and get the crackers for his mom.!! All of the driving around made no sense to me and I am still confused to this day about it!! But we headed for Broulims in Rexburg to grab the crackers his mom had said she just "HAD" to have, and headed back to his house.. That was the best Christmas Eve I've had!! I am sooo excited to get married!! We are thinking July 10th.. but I will keep you all posted!!

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