Saturday, April 11, 2009


So on my way to work this morning, traffic was AWFUL... I'm pretty sure Utah is big on the whole Easter Egg Hunts. Just a little FYI.. In Salt Lake City, there is an Easter Egg hunt with over 20,000 eggs put on by American Family Insurance and the Jazz. WOW!! that is soooo many eggs!! It takes a lot of people to put that on! So I'm sure SLC traffic was a lot worse than Orem. But the Hunt in Orem is literally right down the road from my work.. and there were kids EVERYWHERE with their bags, bucket, and baskets! they were all pretty cute and ready to get the candy and eggs. I miss those days when I went to the City of Menan Easter Egg Hunt. Hopefully my mom will save me my easter basket and not let the siblings get into it!!! Lets all remember the real meaning behind the easter season and that its not all about the candy, or dying eggs. Lets remember our Savior. And what he did for us. Let us all be thankful with all our hearts for the Resurrection. He did it for us, please don't take it for granted.

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