Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seniors '08

Now we have reached that time in our lives where we enter the last year of high school. We have dreamed of this day most of our lives. I was so excited to be out of high school!! And so was every one else in the class of 2008!! At the beginning of our senior year, I was dating a kid from the little town of Parker. (For those of you who don't know... it's a tiny little town located west of St. Anthony and close to the Sand Dunes) Then came October 22nd. I got a text saying "Hey! Whats up?" I had no idea who it was, so I responded asking who it was. I received a text back informing me it was Skylar Thompson. I was shocked. I had seen him a couple of times here an there but hadn't talked to him since the harvest ball our junior year. We started talking and I asked him why he decided to text me randomly. He replied, "I honestly still haven't gotten over you since 7th grade, and every time I see you at Yellowstone Do It Center working, I get the chills and I always ask myself what I would do to get you back." WOW... is all I had to say. I was speechless. I wasn't sure what to think, much less how to respond to that. So then I'm sure I said something stupid, but he asked me if we could hang out sometime. Uh... I had a boyfriend... would that be considered cheating?!? I didn't think so, since my boyfriend couldn't hang out that night anyway, so I told him I would hang out that night.. but that was it. Nothing more. Again- little did I know what the future was going to bring. So I went over to his house and we just chilled for the night. During our talking that we did, Skylar asked me when I was going to break up with the boyfriend I had. He tried to convince me to do it, but I told him no. I will be honest, I really felt bad that I was hanging out with Skylar over my boyfriend. But it really got me thinking over the next couple days. And then... on October 24th, I broke it off with my boyfriend from Parker. And regardless of what you all may think- including Skylar, I didn't break if off just so I could be with Skylar, in fact, I had no intentions of hooking up with anyone after that for a while. The following Sunday I headed to Boise for my state newspaper convention. While I was there, Skylar and I talked day in and day out, just like we were old friends. I came back on that Tuesday and it was Halloween. And, of course, I went to Skylar's house for the party. But I am pleased to inform you, that nothing happened that night, and we didn't hook up. But..... 10 days after I broke up with my last guy, on November 4th, 2007, Skylar asked me to be his girlfriend again.. this time it was over the phone that night, and not in a note... we're improving on the people skills by now!! And yes.. I told him I'd think about it. So we kept talking and then right before we hung up... I told him yes.. I would be his girl friend. After that night, we were inseparable. Our parents had to fight us to keep us away from each other for a night. The days and months went by and it was finally graduation!! We had finally made it to the day we looked forward to from the time we were little!! On May 21, 2008, Skylar picked me up and we headed up to BYU-I for graduation. On the way up.. he handed me a shoe box that was wrapped. He told me I had to open it right away. So I did. Inside I found another box, wrapped. So I unwrapped that one as well. Inside was a ring box. I looked at him and gave him the "what is this?" look. He told me to just open it and tell me what I thought of it. So I did. Inside was a promise ring!! I LOVE IT!!! I put it on and I refused to take it off!!! It is sooo pretty!!! I still couldn't believe that he got it for me.. It was awesome tho. Then we walked across the stage and received our diplomas and had the best feeling ever.. knowing that we had accomplished a great task that lead to us GRADUATING!!! It was sooo awesome!!! That night was the all night party... it was a blast as well! Then for the next few days, my life was spent packing. I was headed off to New York the beginning of June to be a nanny. Skylar wasn't very happy about it and it was hard for both of us to say good bye. But still... we talked day in and day out while I was gone. It was one of the hardest summers of my life.! But we stuck together and I'm glad we did. When I returned, (another one of those happiest days!!) I ended up living in Orem, Utah. (Where I currently live, but getting ready to move home.) I love this kid to death. We have been through soooo much more than we would have liked to.. but we have stuck by each others sides thru it all. Unfortunately, our relationship has been long distance since June 08, (please don't feel bad) and I don't recommend it to anyone! lol.. Its been a challenge, but we've grown so much from it. But it will get better!! I know it will!! Ü

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